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And this method of dating structures, in congruence with town records, local histories, and deed/probate research, is an important one.Important because, while there were exceptions to styles of homes and methods of their construction, technology allowed builders to push the envelope only so far.It is unfortunate and ironic that what is perhaps the most reliable method for dating antique structures is also the one least utilized by their owners.The third tier of research is, in fact, the study of the structure itself.You can consult a book on old nails, or perhaps a local expert, but you’re looking for an uneven, handmade head, in most cases much larger than those on modern nails.If, indeed, “hand-wrought” nails were used throughout in the laying of the floors and the hanging of the lathe, again, your house was most likely built before 1780-1800.(Though Victorian era and later buildings can also be misdated, it is far less likely given their relatively recent dates of construction.) While books are available that detail what, structurally, you can look for to help you date your home, there are a few basics that might help get you started.First, look at the corner posts (they run vertically) on your second story where they meet the beams (which run horizontally).

Properly dating your home may take much more than referencing what might be written in a local town history.

When you eventually get back to a deed that refers to land only, or perhaps one that speaks of a dwelling associated with a date of construction, you may have just found your home’s age and original owner/erector or maybe not.

While local historical records and deed/probate research are very useful in the dating of an antique house, all too often those doing the research stop there.

Oftentimes there hangs an old weathered sign, affixed to the clapboards or shingles and facing passersby, that reads a name and a date; in some cases the date is preceded by a “c” or “circa.” Just as often, perhaps more so, however, there is no sign, and no hint of where to begin a search for a date or a name or how.

Tackling this chore of dating your antique home is, in many cases, a daunting task, though usually not an insurmountable one.

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