Dating drama relationship

Doing these things will drastically increase your chances of having a fulfilling relationship.

I found more healthy ways of adding excitement to my life. I can always count on him to keep his promises and I know he adores me. From our very first conversation on, I never had any doubts or had to wait for him to change or “come around”.

Surely he was really a good person and truly loved me, but was just “going through something” or “needed space.” Eventually he’d be back with tears, apologies, and flowers.

I’d like to say I outgrew this tendency by the age of, well, maybe forty, but the fact is I didn’t.

If you’re involved in a troubled relationship, it can be all-encompassing.

It’s also very tempting to adopt the role of the savior because you get to be the “together” person, the responsible one. When I asked myself these questions, I saw that I wanted to be loved and to feel safe.

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