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This was crossed by other ditches running north to south. Sites like these are important as they span the period of the Roman conquest and can tell us how the Roman occupation may have affected the lives of the people who already lived here.The layout of the ditches looked very much like other sites from the region, which are known as ladder settlements and date from the late Iron Age or early Roman period (c. At Melton we had the rare opportunity to investigate the remains of a ladder settlement on a large scale.

We are dedicated to helping children develop into confident, sensitive and responsible adults who are able to play an active part in society.

The analysis of the excavated remains has been underway since 2005 and this has involved detailed studies of pottery, animal bones, human bones, plant remains and a range of other finds.

We have used radiocarbon dating and other scientific techniques to discover not only how people lived but also how the landscape changed from 2500 BC to the present day.

We also have a rich profile of extra-curricular activities and we believe in giving parents the opportunity to enjoy the achievements of their children.

Our talented and enthusiastic staff ensure that all of our youngsters fulfil their potential.

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