Dating dilemma

The reason for this zeal to get out of bed is to "put on their face" with painstaking care so as to best be able to attract the latest cute boy they are chasing.

How popular would camp be if everyone knew in advance only boys or only girls would be in attendance?

If I believe "Hollywood-style" dating around and a host of other boy-girl relationships is wrong and spiritually destructive, then I would be most foolish and irresponsible to link up with a church in which these practices are encouraged.

At the very least, I believe it is incumbent on us as Christian leaders to prevent and discourage this fleshly nonsense, such as different times for swimming of boys and girls, seating at all events, chapels, meals, etc., segregated by sex, no physical or contact sports with mixed sexes, etc.

Why are certain girls so caught up with the latest clothing styles and fashions- why do they want to spend every available dollar on expensive makeup supplies and use them to the extent of looking like a harlot? They are trying their best to appear provocative and available for the boys they think are "cute" and popular.

Most youngsters know far more about driving a car than they do about how to choose a marriage partner.

What a relief for a youngster to know that they are not allowed to participate in frantic boy/girl relationships!

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