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It’s a time when you try and explore new things, figure out what you like and dislike, and it’s also a time you enjoy dating and being able to do so without your parents lurking.

The difference between dating in college and dating in your 20s If you think high school relationships are a long shot from your college relationships, you’d be surprised to know just how different the dating jungle feels like when you compare your college dates to your mid-20s dates. When you’re in college, you are instantly surrounded by thousands of other people your age.

Beginning to be a problem for me that I'm not sure how to bring up without hurting her feelings, because she just doesn't get horny anymore.

I definitely remember going through phases when I thought all the "good ones" had been taken, but in retrospect I feel a lot of that was just me feeling down and frustrated during those periods of dating when it gets, well, frustrating.

It’s not hard for you to meet people, especially guys, and the dating pool is essentially a really fun playground.

It’s also one thing that is very much taken for granted, and you don’t realize it until you’ve graduated and try to date in the real world by the time you’re in your 20s.

Much of that has been learned through the school of hard knocks, of course, but it absolutely doesn't mean that it makes you damaged goods.

(As a caveat to this, sometimes it does make you damaged but just temporarily.

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