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Since it is usually too difficult to look inside the lock and determine the depth and placement of the ring (or rings – some locks have more than one) the easiest way is to let the lock mark them for you.

Use a new brass blank key (from Van Dykes or one of the supply houses) that otherwise seems to fit the lock.

The basic categories are full mortise, half mortise and surface mount.

But there must be people out there who do not share the same set of values as you and I. Then the ability to restrict access to certain areas and private articles became of interest to me so I took the time to study the blasted things and it turns out that they are not really all that complicated.

Otherwise why would there be the need for those inevitably cranky, non-functional, generally aggravating locks on what are otherwise very nice pieces of older and antique furniture? In fact, with a few exceptions, most locking devices found on older furniture are childishly (there’s that word again) and scarily simple.

The backplate is screwed or nailed to the interior surface.

A surface mounted lock is usually a cheap 20th century innovation that requires no cutting of the surface to mount.

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