Dating a pro athlete

It’s quite interesting when you take a deeper look into dating pro athletes, especially basketball players.

When it comes to dating we are all looking for that special person who we feel completes us.

In fact, she made a whole You Tube video just to throw cold water on the rumors.

When the rumors first started circulating back in 2008 that legendary Steelers receiver Hines Ward was, er, "dating" adult film star Lisa Ann, he denied it. Sure, he was photographed with her at an adult film company Christmas party. So yeah, I feel pretty confident that these two "hooked up," as the kids say. Just as with Hines Ward, the only proof we have that Ohio State tight end Jeff Heuerman hooked up with porn star Lisa Ann is a photo from September 2014.

But it's one hell of a photo, and it's not like we're ruining anybody's reputation by assuming these two got they are on the list. Not only were the two photographed getting cozy courtside at a Knicks game.

Lisa Ann actually tweeted this photo of the two which, as you can tell, strongly suggests the two were "intimate." last—seriously, who knows how many athletes Lisa Ann has been with—we have her relationship with Flyers forward Michael Del Zotto.

The two hooked up in 2012, and according to a recent Twitter rant by Lisa Ann, he would not stop hounding her to..him up with all her porn star friends. This is probably the most suspect rumor of the whole bunch. You see, rumor has it that after Yu Darvish divorced the mother of his children two years ago, he started dating Japanese "AV star" Kirara Asuka. Well, there's not much beyond one of those Taiwanese animation videos.

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