Dating a man with baby mama drama

Don’t let the pressure of the mother being his ex or the child’s mom rock you from being confident in your relationship. No man wants an insecure woman Don’t compete or compare yourself to her. Who really cares if the parents aren’t best of buds!As long as everyone is respectful and doesn’t speak ill of each other in the presence of the children, nothing else really matters.Pray and ask God to give her strength, wisdom, peace, joy, patience and the resources needed to raise her children.See her as a soul that needs to be won to Christ if she is not saved.Also, encourage him to pray about taking her to court so visitation and child support can be established and in writing. If the mother makes little rude or jealous comments or the children repeat to you what she’s said, you don’t always have to confront her or even repeat it. If the mother’s car is down, encourage your partner to help transport the child where he/she needs to go.If she lost her job encourage your partner to drop a few groceries by for a while until they get on their feet again.If you don’t get along with the children’s mother, do more praying than talking. The bible tells us to love our enemies as ourselves.

If your partner’s baby’s mama is mature, understanding, a good parent or if she has a relationship with the Lord, that’s awesome and you should consider yourself blessed!!

Confess that she is a good mother, she is patient and kind, she has the fruits of the spirit.

Don’t call her “the crazy or evil baby’s mama.” Don’t say, “me and my husband are gonna kill each other if he don’t do something about that woman.” Speak those things that be not as though they were.

If she’s jealous, neglectful, angry, aggressive, rude and immature, you are in for a challenge BUT nothing is too big for God. To the ladies that are baby’s mama’s, please know that I’m not saying all BM’s are mean and rude.

If you are in a committed relationship or married to someone who has a child with someone else, there are things that you can do to help the relationship with the child’s mother go smoothly. I’m trying to help those that are facing challenges in this area to make their situation better.

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If she knows that you love her child, she just may come around to loving you eventually!

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