Dating a crack addict

Your support and care can really be a guiding effort to get them on the right path.It’s not an easy journey, but if you feel strongly enough, being part of the recovery process can bring the two of you even closer together, as you will be their support system.There is a long list of all the negative effects that come with using, and they will affect your life as well.When your significant other begins to let you down in all these different areas of life, it can create emotional distancing between the two of you.When someone is under the influence, you can never truly understand where the line is between them and the drugs.If your significant other is open to discussing their addiction and seems willing to consider rehabilitation, treatment is a big stepping stone on the road to recovery.

Don’t let the addict suck you dry, using up all your compassion, trust, and love.Before you enter into a potential relationship with an addict, one thing you must heavily consider is that their use will affect every aspect of their own life, which includes you.When it comes to drug abusers and their habits, their own problems with drugs and alcohol will affect you as well.Make sure that if you ever find yourself in a dangerous environment you leave and get help.If you approach them about their drug and alcohol abuse and they lash out or pull away, realize that their addiction is possibly shameful to them or making them feel guilty.

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If they aren’t ready to discuss their problem with you, then they probably aren’t ready for an open and committed relationship.

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