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Martians quickly took her under his wing, promising to help her find her sound.

Her bouncy, sweet, spoken word-like rhymes first propelled her to Internet attention on The Jet Age of Tomorrow’s stellar spaced-out track “Want You Still,” and later on “Ode to a Dream,” produced by The Internet (made up of Martians and Syd tha Kyd).

The rapper quickly gained recognition, and has gone on to collaborate with artists such as Riff Raff, Hot Sugar, and Danny Brown.

Kitty (formerly known as Kitty Pryde) was in Los Angeles last week.

For creative people, the internet's Golden Rule is: don't read the comments, or you'll risk artistic paralysis.

After meeting at a party, Kish showed Simmons’ friend Matt Martians of The Super 3 (the psychedelic hip-hop duo with Hal Williams, also known as The Jet Age of Tomorrow) a few songs.Perhaps the real star of the whole Kilo Kish sound, though, is the brilliant production that surrounds her: the glittering, lush production of the Super 3 and The Internet helps her voice shine and feel at home in the spaced-out, dreamy beats. However, she also displays moments that reveal her as an amateur, that she’s not really of this world but rather just playing around in it: “I never know when the song starts,” we hear her say on the beginning of “Sick.” Later in the track she says, “Matt’s making me do ad libs.” Her lyrics verge into the raw, explicit territory that the mysterious, grimy R&B artist The Weeknd’s made his signature; on “Crosstown,” she raps, “Let’s get real f***ed up/ We won’t know which way is up.” Notable tracks: “Want You Still” is a gem; on “You’re Right,” off ; “You know the stars/ they don’t just shine for you/they don’t just shine for me [….] I don’t just shine for you/you don’t just shine for me” she warns her romantic interest. For Kish, who describes her music as her “little art project,” it’s unlikely that she even wants to make music a real career.She’s always self-aware and pragmatic; even her raps about love have a healthy dose of skepticism attached. “Tore me to pieces when I heard the news/ You know you could have just said that you wanted something new,” she says in “Julienne,” a song that’s punctuated with ad-libbed scenes playing between Kish and an ex-boyfriend she can’t help but stalk. That doesn’t mean she isn’t enjoying the moment, though.We had the pleasure of sitting down to talk with her about growing up in a sleepy tourist town, how a Facebook group full of future stars changed her path, and how life is different in the year since “OK Cupid” blew up.Be sure to catch her on tour with Danny Brown this month in a city near you.

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The imagery eventually veers off into Kish half-laughing, half-seriously describing murdering her ex, and yet it still somehow manages to sound adorable. “Yay making music today with fun peopleee” she tweeted on Sunday.

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