D2jsp validating

anyway in regards to the original question i would say it depends.

though this also starts a rabbit hole of needing definitions to define definitions...

If mail verification does not make it to you, it is not the fault of this site.

This is a HUGE site used by many people and even though no email is sent from this site that you did not ask for, all it takes is one person to click the "This is SPAM" to a mail server or ISP and they block the site wholesale.

It's been another few days, and I still haven't recieved any Email requesting me to re-activate my account. (Files greater than 2 mb, ofc.) I've checked my adress on here and it matches what my adress is, so why am I not getting the Email? Hey, I just switched ISPs a while ago, (from Comcast to Roadrunner) and as a result, my Email adress changed.

I waited a few days, and told the website resed the confirmation. I have validated your account and re-sent another email verification. BTW, is there any way to report such problems when you are not completely registered?

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also shame on people that get angry at obvious miss prices that arn't old listings.

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