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I understand that it's difficult for most men to allow freedom to their partners to discover their own sexuality and desires.If a guy 'cheats' or has several women he is a 'stud', sadly however, a woman will be labelled a slut by those very same insecure men. "I'm off to work now love, I'll see you tonight then." "Okay, you haven't forgotten have you?Dating others who have like minded interests is a pefect way to come up with ideas to do on a first date.

It was another picture, showing my wife lying back on his bed, naked except for a tiny pair of back panties which I hadn't seen her wear before.

My wife was on her own journey of discovery and sexual awakening and why should I discourage her. I'm still on for dinner with Pete, is that alright?

" "Don't be silly, I've been nervously waiting for today, of course it's okay, have fun love." We kissed longer than usual and held each other tightly, we were still very much in love. I'll text you." I had a huge smile on my face as I drove off. Angela went shopping for her date with Pete at a well known High Street sex shop.

She also bought some new deliciously sexy black underwear, thinking it would make her feel more desirable (no need, she looked good in anything). " "Love you." "Love you too, have fun, and please don't forget to text me." "Will do, bye." Shortly after, text message.

Later she told me she was so nervous she spent three hours to get ready for him. My meeting was dragging on, and we still had a fair amount to discuss plus dinner after. "I'm at Pete's, he likes my new dress I can't believe I wore it tonight." Friday Mid Evening.

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Angela had a large smile as she had taken the selfie. He LOVES my big boobs, he especially enjoys sucking hard on them. I could feel my cock stiffen with the thought of what was happening at that very moment, what would the next message be I wondered.

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