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The average household had £7,616 of consumer debt in December 2017, according to the Money Charity.

If you borrowed £7,616 to consolidate your debt over three years, at a representative rate of 3.6% APR and an annual interest rate of 3.60% fixed, you would pay 36 monthly instalments of £223.31.

Character Set Conversions Character set conversions can be very complex.

But while consolidating data […] " Comparing your Data Across Multiple Source and Targets When you have data stored in multiple applications and want to consolidate it into a central Data Warehouse or Data Lake, you need to make sure the data in the source and the target remain consistent.

You can maintain copies of your data through traditional replication and through Big Data replication.

With traditional replication, you replicate all the data on the source (Point A) to the target (Point B).

Standardizing on an all-encompassing character set like Unicode for all data sets is a way to ensure that you can store all data irrespective of origin and character set.

Accounting for Human Error Another issue to consider is the human factor.

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