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You’ll need to find a private bank, credit union, or online lender offering refinance loans.

Because these loans are made by different private lenders, the terms and conditions will differ lender-to-lender; there’s no standardization regarding what you need to do to qualify, what interest rate you’ll be charged, or how long you’ll have to pay back your new loan.

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Federal Direct Consolidation Loans are available to all students holding Subsidized and/or Unsubsidized Stafford Loans, Direct PLUS Loans, Federal Supplemental Loans for students, Federal Perkins Loans, Federal Health Education Assistance Loans and Federal Nursing Loans.

If you have already consolidated your federal loans in the past, you may also be able to reconsolidate and add other outstanding federal student loans using a Federal Direct Consolidation Loan.

The extended payback period and lower monthly payments associated with consolidated loans are what attract many students to the process in the first place.

These elements can cost you more over the life of the loan, however, since a longer payback period means more payments and more interest paid.

Whatever type of student loans you have and whatever form of consolidation you end up signing up for, certain dangers must be taken into consideration.

Refinancing, on the other hand, is done only through private lenders.

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Sallie Mae loans are typically used by students who require additional funding once all other options have been exhausted.

Students who turn to scholarships, grants, work-study programs, private funding and federal loans first, but are still not able to cover all the expenses involved with college tuition, books and accommodations, often turn to private lenders like Sallie Mae.

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Consolidation is the process of combining student loans into one loan.

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