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We know that these same transaction costs are present when you try to find a cofounder.It’s hard to find someone to cofound with and when you do it’s hard to test how good they are. Content Header .feed_item_answer_user.js-wf-loaded . In 2010, I started my third startup, as a technical founder with the Tech Stars Boulder company Invited Home (at the time, we were Vacation Rental took the role of full-stack developer, lead Dev Ops guy, and CTO and wrote the foundation of the software.

Due to careful screening and cohort composition, it works fast.

They appeal to those who want a long term relationship and they screen results to show those with the highest chance of being a good match for you. From this pool, we then screen and select the very best 100 in London and Singapore.

We screen them for commitment, skill (predominantly technical), intelligence and insightfulness.

While I may have been too green, or not the technological genius I believed myself to be in 2010, I have watched other startups repeat this pattern in the intervening years.

It’s a problem that has its roots in the way startups are often formed: an idea-centric CEO seeks and finds a developer to execute that vision.

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Co Founders Lab enabled me to meet prospective business partners outside of my existing networks, including my co-founder Yonis Benitez.

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