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The first is the naming convention, “Notify letters”.

I have no idea why they would call the tool the Mass Mailer and then name the tool Notify letters.

Here is a list of modules you can set up with the default installation (there are plenty more in their market on their website as well if you want even more).

The issue I have with these modules isn't their functionality but rather the complete lack of any help or documentation anywhere within any of them.

Hopefully you won't need to use it but, there is a ban option as well for those who are rowdy or sign up with the intent to spam.

There are too many to list here but let me just say that Boonex Dolphin has a lot of functionality and there are innumerable ways in which one can expand it.

I had to Google each of these to find out what they did (well, the spy module anyway).

It would be more helpful if there was a popup description for each module that accurately describes what it does and how to go about using it / finding it on the site once activated.

In the administration guide, I could not find anything on any of these modules, which I found odd considering they are there with the default install.As it is now, you have to hunt around to see what functionality was added and hope you find them all.This can be confusing and frustrating when you just want to get the site up on a deadline.Kentico 12 Service Pack is available as of June 2019 Check It Out Kentico is recognized as a Magic Quadrant Challenger for the fourth time!Discover the current state of the WCM market, the strengths and cautions of all vendors in the Magic Quadrant, and why Kentico has been named a Challenger.

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Having said that, I feel it's a fair trade-off considering what you get for free. Once you get through the installation, you'll be greeted with the default implementation of your social networking site, which looks like this: Obviously, you aren't going to want to stick with the default, but it's a good time now to browse through the system and see what you've got to work with for your social networking website.

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