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Secondly, they need to focus on ending the violence, rather than on keeping families together.

The American religious news-magazine Christianity Today has published articles lamenting U. churches for possibly making domestic abuse worse "not in incidence, but in response" due to inadequate understandings. Bradford Wilcox wrote for the publication, "Domestic violence is still present in church-going homes...

The first Theological Education and Domestic Violence Conference, sponsored by the Center for the Prevention of Sexual and Domestic Violence, was held in 1985 to identify topics that should be covered in seminaries.

First, church leaders will encounter sexual and domestic violence and they need to know what community resources are available.

‘He enjoys seeing the person he owns, his property, become the thing God wants her to be.

It might sound weird, but that works for me.’” Property?

While its advocates rely on Biblical interpretations to support the practice, advocates for victims of domestic violence describe CDD as a form of abuse and controlling behavior.

The role of working-class Scots-Irish American culture in areas such as Appalachia is cited.

For those of you not readily familiar with this lifestyle choice, here is the definition: “A Christian Domestic Discipline (CDD) marriage is simply a traditional, male-led, Christian marriage which utilizes aspects of Domestic Discipline.

It is set up according to Biblical standards.” The “methods” include corporeal punishment such as spanking with objects.

Lest we forget, the Bible was freely used in the 19 century to legitimize slavery in this country.

Sadly it is still being used today to legitimize slavery in marriage: “And as for what a man gets out of it, besides a woman who obeys his every command, Vera [a CDD wife] says her partner is satisfied by her growth.

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