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The original trio responsible for The Worst You Can Do Is Harm—Roderick, Nelson, and Walla—is often considered the original incarnation of the band.

Roderick and Nelson, along with recruits Corson and Shilling (the drummer in Roderick's previous band, the Western State Hurricanes) are the core players behind When I Pretend to Fall, with Nelson having replaced Caniglia as the band's keyboardist.

Through 2011, Roderick, through The Long Winters website, continued to promise the long-awaited new album would be released "soon." The Long Winters released a split single with Spiral Stairs in September 2010.

Confronted with a double blow to the band's line-up, Roderick took opportunity to reinvent the band again.

He traveled back to Seattle and was joined by Chris Caniglia, former Western State Hurricanes drummer Michael Shilling and Eric Corson on bass. Sean Nelson of Harvey Danger offered to sing harmony vocals on a number of songs at the band's first live gig.

He ended up casually performing with the band for their first few shows before committing to full-time enrollment.

Shilling eventually quit in December 2003, burned out by the hectic touring and lifestyle of the band.

With the best wishes of The Long Winters, Nelson left in March 2004 to rekindle his former band Harvey Danger.

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While he did not indicate whether or not studio recording time was imminent, he did state that he had “almost an entire record of songs now”.

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