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If you do less than 200 or so miles a week, you could get away without having a home or work charger at all; just visit a public one every few days to top up.If your average daily mileage exceeds the range of your electric car, we’d advise you to think twice, but the occasional longer trip should be perfectly manageable.As the technology improves and the average range of electric cars grows, more and more people will find that they could live quite happily with an electric car.The list prices of electric cars can look expensive compared to equivalent petrol or diesel models, even when the Government’s plug-in car grant has been applied, but looks are very likely to be deceiving.Even if you can’t manage with a pure EV, today’s plug-in hybrids offer a good halfway house.• Could you live with an electric car?The pros and cons Although an electric car still isn't for everyone, there is a greater selection than ever before.But as a general rule, charging an electric car is far cheaper than fueling a petrol or diesel one - even if you use more expensive public charging points.Add-in the free VED (road tax), the company car tax advantages and the lower maintenance costs that result from an EV’s fewer moving parts, and the lower cost of running an electric car should more than make up for the higher upfront price.

The only cars that now qualify for free road tax are EVs that cost less than £40,000.

The number of electric car sales in the UK remains relatively small compared to the fossil-fueled alternatives, but things are changing.

The selection of new electric cars facing consumers is growing fast and will continue to do so as more and more manufacturers get on board with the technology, delivering models with longer ranges, faster charging times and lower prices.

Electric cars have zero exhaust emissions so they don’t cause the localised NOx and particulate emissions that have a damaging effect on air quality in urban areas.

However, the overall environmental credentials of an electric car depend greatly on the source of the electricity used to charge it.

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