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That's just for starters: If you chip in a few more dollars a month you can add recordings that are stored in the cloud for 10 days (/month) or 30 days (/month).With the Nest Cam alone, you only get a live feed plus alerts when the camera detects something happening—Nest Aware (as the extra premium service is called) adds a summary of the day's incidents, an archive of footage, the ability to set activity zones and a timelapse mode for burning through a lot of video very quickly.If you want a robust and professional system for watching your living room from anywhere (via web, i OS or Android), but don't want to pay full whack, Nest Cam is worth a look.And if the subscription turns you off, you can also check out Canary, it's a little bulkier, but for the same 0 it performs all of the important features the Nest does, but comes with motion alerts and limited cloud storage for no extra fee.This is a solution that doesn't come cheap though, particularly if you want all of the components.

In theory there's nothing to stop you setting up single-purpose Skype accounts for every computer (and room) in your house, and with webcams costing very little you could feed one to the window to keep check on the garden too.

A separate Cube One box (which acts as the brains for your whole i Smart Alarm system) can record video footage while you're away for you to review at a later date.

There's a bunch of compatible stuff you can add to the camera from i Smart Alarm: Contact sensors so you know when doors are being opened, smart switches for turning appliances on and off, motion sensors for detecting movement in a particular area, and so on, with everything controlled from your Android or i OS smartphone.

With a Nest Cam or Canary A step down from a full-on security system but still a dedicated solution with plenty of bells and whistles, the 9 Nest Cam is one of Google's latest hardware projects — it's the one to go for if you just want the video feed functionality without all of the other home security add-ons and features rolled into the package.

It looks a bit like an old-school webcam but it connects directly to the web and can pipe video to you wherever you are, and it has some useful features like a night vision mode.

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