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“I don’t want my child to feel that the way we live is something that we have to defend to the world.” Stacia herself was raised by a single mother.

And when a young Stacia was confronted with condemning language about her family, it felt foreign.People hate to feel ashamed.” Heidi’s parents were married when she was born. Our wedding anniversary is the same as the day we first got together.They grew up together and were high school sweethearts. We didn’t change the day cause we felt like we wanted to honor the whole eleven years.Heidi Renée Lewis, thirty-three, says condemnation of single-parent families also unduly shames mothers trying to do their best. ’ My cousin said, ‘Well at least they’re both by the same man!She tells a story about attending a neighborhood outing with her oldest son and his father while she was pregnant with their second child. This one woman that I grew up with said to my cousin, ‘Oh my God! ’” Heidi’s cousin had three children with two fathers.

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