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The inscription begins on the front at the top of an arch above the figure of a bearded man who is wearing a turban, robe, and appears to be holding a tablet.It runs down the left side, continues around all sides, and makes its way back to the front up the right side to where it began.Some believe that the person or group responsible for the inscription had to have an extensive knowledge of the Hebrew language.Given that Wyrick made a large number of mistakes on the woodcuts seem to indicate that he may not have been the stone's author. Moseley, Jr., former art director of the Ohio Historical Society, compared the carving of Moses on the stone to Wyrick's woodcut copy.They can be viewed at the Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum in Coshocton, Ohio.The site where the objects were found is known as The Newark Earthworks, one of the biggest collections from an ancient American Indian culture known as the Hopewell that existed from approximately 100 BC to AD 500.

When comparing Wyrick's woodcuts of the Decalogue to the actual inscription found on the stone, Wyrick made at least 38 errors involving 256 Hebrew letters. Wyrick's depiction of Moses on the woodcuts had inconsistencies as well.

This pattern indicates that the inscription was meant to be read repetitively.

Right above the figure of the man is a separate inscription which translates to "Moses".

It contains one phrase on each side: On this stone were carved Hebrew text that was translated as a condensed version of the Ten Commandments.

The name Decalogue Stone, comes from the translation of the Hebrew letters that outline the religious and moral codes described in Exodus 20:2-17 and Deuteronomy 5:6-21, which refer to the Decalogue or Ten Commandments.

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The first stone to be found was written in modern Hebrew. Just over three months later, the second stone was found.

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