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In short, private student loan refinancing can be very difficult to qualify for.

With these details in mind, private student loan refinancing is usually best when: Direct Consolidation Loans can help you simplify your life, but they won’t help you save money.

Also, note that refinancing with a private lender is a one-way street.

As Mc Connell noted, “This arrogant attempt to have the government take over one-sixth of the economy on the heels of running banks, insurance companies, car companies, taking over the student loan business, doubling the national debt in five, tripling in 10.

While student loan debt has been a problem for American students for decades, the issue continues growing in scope and severity with each passing year.

While you may not save any money with a Direct Consolidation Loan, you could still benefit.

Here are the main reasons consumers choose this option: With private student loan refinancing, your credit score matters a lot.

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