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Instead of persuading your readers to do something, show them why it's worth the time to do it.

Addressing the reasons and motivations of your readers serves as the basis for a really powerful message.

You can do this with a little bit of research in Google Analytics. That includes the same types of jargon and technical terminology.A striking example of this kind of content is "What I Learned from Being a Broke, Unemployed Graduate" published on Entrepreneur. Ask yourself these two questions: If your headline doesn't address each of these points, it's time to start over. It then promises to show what the solution might be. This is especially true when they seem difficult to believe.If you have a powerful stat in your content (like in this example), put it in your headline.A study by Outbrain showed that headlines featuring negative superlatives performed 30% better than those with positive superlatives. Never, worst, nothing, no one, no way, by no means, none.Featuring words like stop, avoid, or don't in your headline is a good idea, too.

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This study from Moz shows that readers like content that is either understated and features up to one superlative word or goes overboard with superlatives to show why the content is worth reading. If you want your content to go viral, your headline must be located at one of those two extremes; otherwise it won't catch anyone's attention.

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