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When his brother, Edward, brings home a human girl as a love interest, Jasper is concerned about his ability to control his hunger, but wants Edward to be happy, and will fight to see that he is. The most popular question throughout the Twilight fan base is: who would you like to see Bella end up with, Edward or Jacob? As a baby, I took my first steps in Australia, or so my parents tell me. It's about Stan (Schneider) learning kung fu before going to prison so he won't get beat up, or worse. My manager and my mother both keep me updated, and I must admit, I've browsed them once or twice.

(That's just the teaser.)What's the best thing about being a 'vampire'? I would love to visit as soon as I can get the time off. If roles were reversed, how do you think Jasper would have approached Alice? He would watch her from afar, basking in her beauty, trying to summon the nerve to approach such a radiant creature; his hands have always been steady in war, and she makes them tremble for the first time- he'd be nervous and very polite. Stan saves my butt a few times and cleans up the prison, making all the inmates get along, but the Warden won't have it. Do you have a particular genre of music or books you are drawn to? The fan-site creators are incredibly talented, the layouts are outstanding and I'm proud to be thus represented and honored by their work. I couldn't act without an audience and I couldn't have a better audience than my fans.

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Two elder and one younger.» Has a cat named Dean and a guitar named Annabelle.» Jammed with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed while filming Twilight.» Wasn't allowed to watch horror flicks growing up, so kept a box set beneath his bed.

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