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Plus, your cooling solution is another limiting factor.We were able to achieve these clocks using a water-cooled solution.Find out how much RAM you really need, what graphics card you should buy, what kind of CPU works best for your applications, and more. Bloatware, junkware, or apps you've just plain forgotten about: we show you in simple steps how to free your PC from all that gunk to rescue disk space, speed up boot-times and just generally get a smoother ride.What would you say if your car got slower with every month you drove it?

Find out how to delete them and stop would-be snoopers, whether your computer uses Chrome, Safari, Firefox or other popular browsers. Here's what you need to know to buy the right PC for you depending on what you do with it. Don’t know when to shut down, sleep or hibernate your PC or Mac laptop? We cover all the pros and cons of the different ways you can give your laptop a well-deserved rest, and show you when to choose one option over the others.

We’ve explained the differences between the slower HDD and the lightning fast SSDs above. To turn those off, right-click on it and select Ok, now those were some super easy examples.

Well, if you’re still rocking a mechanical disk despite being painfully slow, it will also suffer from a phenomenon called “fragmentation”. But what about those entries that aren’t immediately clear, such as NVIDIA Capture Proxy? Simply look these entries up online and chances are you’ll find them explained in some forum or on a technical website.

But in order to catch everything on this list and return your PC to its day-1 performance, you’d need to uninstall programs (even those you might love or need).

You’d need to dig deep into your system and manually turn off services, scheduled tasks and more — and then turn them on again in case something goes wrong. They’re all just frozen, if you will, granting you a dramatically revived system.

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Again: Make sure your laptop or PC is upgradeable and get the upgrade as soon as you can. Even the lower end and more budget-oriented disks will breathe new life into an aging PC. Your graphics card is what’s responsible for how well your PC handles video editing or plays games.

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