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You can expand your network and be friends with other people.

In addition to the actual meeting comes long after the interaction and therefore it is safer that you can meet the person you think suitable for you after interacting with him or her.

Nearly 20% of Americans said they were unaffiliated in 2012, but only 3.3% called themselves agnostic, and even fewer, 2.4%, called themselves atheist.

With the world's largest religions sometimes opposed to disbelief, it has often been dangerous for nonreligious people to openly discuss their skepticism and disbelief, particularly of a dominant religion.Atheists have a position that either affirms the nonexistence of gods or rejects theism.When defined more broadly, atheism is the absence of belief in deities, alternatively called nontheism.Dawkins' scale is reprinted below: Depending on polling questions, 15-20% of Americans are nonreligious, and over 30% do not regularly attend religious services or feel religion is very important (whether they otherwise identify with a religion or not).Just over one third of all Americans under 30 consider themselves nonreligious.

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