Asus m4a785 m updating the bios

Ok, I hate to profit on the misfortune of others but this is good news.

I have this Corsair 500W PSU on order which is a step up from the 300W PSU I have now.

I had an Asus M4A784-M motherboard I was using in my Ubuntu Server, randomly it restarted one day and said that the BIOS failed it's checksum and just thumbed it's nose at me. I download the latest BIOS and burn that to a CD, it sees the file but then tells me that it's not there??? aa RCook, the first thing to try is a new CMOS battery.

Ok fine, I finally bought a replacement and it arrived today. Booted fine, I changed the BIOS as I wanted, set the time, etc, save and reboot... Two identical boards both failed with bad BIOS checksums. Let me ask this as it may help me out, what hardware could possibly effect a BIOS? I would do this even if the new motherboard came with a CMOS battery in it.

You are wasting your money on stuff that doesn't matter. AKladis, 99.9% of home computer users don't need a power supply larger than 500 watts.

By the way -- I returned my first motherboard to the seller because of defect!!I was able to set all aspects of the BIOS without issue as well as unlock the 4th core on the processor.Rebooted several times to be sure but so far it looks great.Called Asus, talked to a nice tech who was stumped initially. Sometime in the not so distant future I plan on installing an 850w PS when Income Tax Refunds become available.We talked through the problem and he mentioned the only time he'd seen this same issues was due to a bad / under powered PSU. As it goes right now I am not running a graphics card, or audio card. I have just recently have one random computer power down for some reason or other?

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