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She dreams of becoming a book editor and produce the next best seller.

She loves eating, watching anime, traveling to far away places and of course reading.

With all these new people on Dating Naked season 3, we definitely don’t want to forget about our favorites from season 2! Let’s get the inside scoop on Dan and see what he’s been up to!

You can never portray in that amount of time what really happens.Teasers for her episode advertise her as a “super fan” of the series, and one who was paired with “Naked and Afraid” veteran and Lakewood-based Wright. I have had to save somebody’s life on the mountain.” But never her own — at least not until she was flown to a South African desert last year and inserted, sans-clothing, into her competitive environment.(A fan-favorite “all-star,” Wright counts the equivalent of more than three months of filming for the show.) The “super fan” tag is true now for Jansen, having watched every episode twice. “There’s a part of me that has a lot of adrenaline because I like to do unique things, like heli-skiing in Iceland or running marathons,” she said. After meeting up with Wright, she later joined another pair of contestants — “super fan” Blair Braverman and show veteran Greg Golding — to form a foursome battling the elements, geography and animal life.“This upcoming episode has everything you could put into an entire season of the show, and a lot of first-time things in the show’s history.We had moments where somebody’s life was literally holding on by a thread and had to be saved on the spot.” Of course, Jansen and Wright signed legal documents saying they wouldn’t talk about the results under pain of lawsuit — which seems like an afterthought, given that their lives were on the line for the sake of our entertainment.

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  1. A few years ago, I'd never even bother speaking to a man who had children or was divorced, but after experiencing a relationship with someone who never wants a family, I'm now really attracted to these guys.