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I am sorry that the meeting didn’t go the way you wanted but we can assure you that the ladies are communicating on the website themselves.

If you have anything else to share with us please contact us at [email protected] I have joined this website for almost two years and spent hundreds of pounds on it.

Last Friday, I tried to use its Camshare service to chat with three favorite girls but none was successful.

Everytime when I opened the Camshare window, it indicated me the lady is waiting for my response to start cam but actually I was in and my credits were running out!

Dear Jimmy, We got in touch with the lady in question and she confirmed that you two had a meeting.

The necessity of the interpreter was justified by the lady’s level of English.

Anastasia Date is designed to set you in the right mood.After all, people come here in search for good vibes.It looks like a nice place to embark on this romantic journey when you have a feeling that this experience is going to be pretty relaxed and laid-back.There are other legitimate dating sites like that I've used in the past and fortunately I could quickly spot the difference. Every woman is model material and you can't contact them other than the website. I have joined this dating site over 3 years, and I just came back from Ukraine two days ago, I was chatting a lady called Irina for over 6 months, and I decided to meet this lady, before I went to Ukraine, we had discussed so many things, and this lady was agree everything with me, She supposed to show up in the airport to pick me up, but when I arrived, she asked me to go the hotel by my own, After I have settled down at hotel, she sent me a message saying that she wanted to meet me but would bring an interpreter (her agent), but we had discussed and agreedt not hiring an interpreter, but everything was changed, if I did not agree to let the interpreter to come, then the interpreter was not allowing the lady to come to meet me, the interpreter controls her, finally we meet on the third day, the interpreter took us to a very expensive restaurant for lunch, after lunch, I went back to hotel, the agent sent me an email saying that the lady wanted to meet me again for dinner, I said to the agent, I could pay her US per hour for translation for two hours, but left the lady and me alone, but the agent did not agree, because she was afraid we exchanged contact information, also she could not get the commission from the restaurant, so we did not meet at the second time.Finally, I figured out what happened, the agent own several ladies, and she chatted for those lady in the day time, because she could get money from Anastasia Date, so sometimes you were confused why the lady did not know what you were saying.

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just being curious checked the girls I was talking with a month ago - 90% of them are gone form the site.

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