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While Hull was retained as President of Ampeg, Unimusic had purchased the company with the intention of using as a starting point for change.After a year of conflict between Hull and Unimusic, Hull tendered his resignation on October 3, 1968.Hull began to seek potential buyers for the company.In September, 1967 Ampeg became a subsidiary of Unimusic, Inc.Oliver didn't join Ampeg full time until 1956, the same year that Ampeg's name was simplified to "The Ampeg Company." In 1959, the company was incorporated as "The Ampeg Company, Inc.," with Everett Hull as President, his wife Gertrude as Secretary, and Jess Oliver as Vice president.

In an effort to establish an Ampeg presence in key music markets, Ampeg opened regional offices: one in Chicago, another near the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, and another in the Hollywood Palladium in Hollywood.

At 8,000 square feet, it was three times larger than their previous home.

In June of the following year, after continued struggles to meet production demands and maintain cash flow, Ampeg announced an initial stock offering and became a publicly owned company.

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Ampeg is a manufacturer best known for its bass amplifiers.

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