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Unable to find work in theatre for more than three years afterwards, Mezdrich was recently appointed director of Moscow’s contemporary Praktika Theatre.

Not a problem for English (unless you happen to be Samsung), but English is hardly the only language that smartphone users speak.

“It’s like a performance.”Didenko says that he strives for all his works to “reflect the reality” of today’s Russia.

But there are topics he steers clear of, such as religion, which he sees as “too sensitive” given Russia’s strict legislation on offending believers.“I rely on my own internal compass, I hope that’s enough,” he says.

So while you can ask it in a natural language what the weather is in Moscow, you can follow it up with a question about “Peter”, which it will understand to be referring to St. Unsurprisingly, Yandex advertises its own neural network technologies that act as the brain behind Alice.

Using that, Yandex built a “chit-chat” engine so that you can make small talk with Alice about anything and everything.

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Browser as well as its other products, making it the AI glue that holds the companies services together.

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