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When people claim they are agnostics, they’re usually agnostic atheists (a.k.a weak atheists).

These people conveniently drop the “atheist” part so as to not sound too arrogant and intolerant. But in most conversations I simply call myself an atheist, as I believe that more accurately gets across my philosophical position on the matter. Regardless of what category of atheism someone falls under, agnostic or otherwise, he or she can always prove to be a reasonable, modest individual.

For example, the Bible would date the Earth at around 6,000 years old, while carbon dating has shown that it’s age is somewhere in the billions.

An atheist would argue this topic fervently; however, an agnostic might point to misinterpretation and table the issue indefinitely.

David Eagleman made this point in a presentation on what he calls Possibilianism.

Possibilianism is effectively a reframing of agnosticism into more behavioral terms.

It may, however, be worthwhile for an atheist to at least behave agnostically.

As long as it’s used to inspire an ongoing pursuit of knowledge, agnosticism has a place in the mind of any atheist.

It can seem unimportant, but “atheism” and “agnosticism” are more than just arbitrary labels — they imply two different areas of a similar field.When it comes to disbelief in a god, there are two categories you can fall under.If you are a weak atheist, that is, you say, “I do not believe in a god,” you are an agnostic atheist.Unfortunately, the word “atheism” sounds dogmatic, and implies there is absolutely no way you are changing your mind about a god.Agnosticism, on the other hand, sounds much more respectable and thoughtful.

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