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Company has a 5 full time registered employees and 4 working part time on contract basis.

Company managed by Oksana and her husband Alexander. To run such responsible business she posseses all needed qualities a general manager should have.

Very often I receive questions concerning marriage agencies in Ukraine.

I personally have never cooperated with any marriage agency, I provide Kiev private tours, but long before that in my students years I sometimes had freelance interpreting work.

But of course, they are those who are taking this business more seriously.

It’s not a secret that the economic situation in Ukraine leaves much to be desired.

But they come to us by recommendation of their friends happy with our services.

We work personally with every Man understanding his needs and desires, trying to deliver the best results possible.

Alla is professional, polite, diplomatic and knowledgeable person.

And people quickly realized that the beauty of the Ukrainian women attracts foreign men to the country, these men spend fortunes on women here, so why not make a profit of it.

There are cases when foreign bridegrooms happily married Ukrainian/Russian women. All around the world people of different nations and races meet and create international marriages.

Being cheerful and easy-going personality, Julia is hard working and very responsible.

No doubt you will enjoy working with her while in Kiev.

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