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Botswana has embraced sustainable development as its development approach, and is fully committed to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, its principles, goals, targets and indicators.

Data was collected through workshops, focus group discussions, key informer interviews and literature reviews.Rather it contributed to the growth of high income inequality and poverty levels not befitting an upper-middle income economy.Given this development, Botswana embarked on a programme to address these inequalities and especially poverty reduction.3.2 Alignment of SDGs with the National Vision and National Development Plans Botswana’s overall approach is that its development frameworks should drive Sustainable Development.Therefore, Botswana underwent a lengthy consultation process in the development of its national Vision 2036 (2017-2036), National Development Plan 11 (2017-2023) – and the associated District and Urban Development Plans, to ensure that these key documents were aligned to the SDGs.

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