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It is a good idea not to overuse these conventions, however.Jargon Resources I have tried to list all the terms I think you will find useful in your journeys through avatar worlds.3D Shorthand for "three dimensional" indicating that a scene possesses three directions of possible motion, left right (the x-axis), up and down (the y-axis) and into and out of the scene (the z-axis).The term "3D" can refer to a 2D image that has the appearance of depth.2 1/2 D This is shorthand for "two and a half dimensions" which means that a scene is appears flat but in fact has some ability to move avatars or objects "back" into a third dimension.Worldsaway from Fujitsu, and Sierra Online's Realm described in this book, are both examples of 2 1/2 D worlds.If you have seen a new word you think should be in this glossary, let us know by sending email through the avatars companion book Web site at .Note also that as a service to the avatar community and educators using this book, a continuously updated version of this glossary is also posted on the companion Web site.

2D Shorthand for "two dimensional" this refers to scenes that are flat, having width and height (represented by the x and y axes) but no depth (represented by the z axis).

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J Map to the Book Files Front of the Book Table of Contents Bonus Visions of Avatar Cyberspace : The Internet in 2001, Way Beyond the Web a Acknowledgements Introduction Welcome to a New World Sample Book Chapters Note that chapters contain extra text and images and FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions sections) Chapter 1 (TR): Grand Tour of Worlds J Chapter 2 f WC): Worlds Chat Space Station First Stop in Digital Space J Chapter 3 (PA): The Palace Chat Cosmos * Chapter 4 (AW): Alpha Wor Id and Active Worlds Green Planet J Chapter 5 (WA): Worlds Away In this Dream You Can Fly Chapter 6 (ON): Qnlive Traveler Mystic Voyages Through Sound Chapter 7 (VP): Virtual Places Grand Central Station of the Web Universe Chapter 8 (CH): Black Sun Passport Through the St a rg ate 1/8/2016 PM] Avatars! ^ Take in Visions of Avatar Cyberspace 4 Sign up for An Advanced Course at Avatar University ^ Reference the Extended Bibliography ^ Read about Applications of Virtual Worlds ^ See the Authors writings and interviews on virtual world topics * Peruse the Interior Color Section Image Gallery Visit the Companion Book Website Meet the Book Author Bruce Damer 1/8/2016 PM] Avatars!

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