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I dislike the starts and stops, learning about someone new, only to have it crumble because one of you chooses to discontinue.

It’s as hard to be the rejecter just as much as it is to be rejected.

Meeting people and weeding out is a process that is necessary on the way to finding the one, but maintaining that optimistic attitude while you’re at it definitely takes self-monitoring and vigilance.

I hate the uncomfortable feeling of the first meet.

They may not feel comfortable with you wanting to break that up. She is an adult and deserves to be treated as such.

Relax and take things easy by staying independent to begin with.

I do expect him to help me out of my coat, to be able to hold a conversation, to pay for the date and open the door when we’re leaving.

The dating pool doesn't have to be dismal, so take the plunge and jump into the 40 and over dating scene. You would be correct in assuming that the chances of meeting someone over a morning coffee in Starbucks are low.

I stopped doing this because of ugly emails I received in return.

Unfortunately, not everyone on these sites are mentally stable.

It’s frustrating to never hearing from a man again after a date, especially if you’ve made tentative plans to meet again.

As a result of this happening, if I know I’m not planning on seeing someone again, I am honest and send a message. Also, when someone persistently contacts me and there is no interest on my part, I send a kind email wishing him well.

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